Google Sites Instruction


  1. Sign in to Google Docs, then go to
  2. Click Create Site
  3. Select Blank Template
  4. Give it a name starting with HerculesWebDesign2012,
    for example HerculesWebDesign2012JohnnyT
  5. Select a Theme
  6. Describe the site (will need to expand options)
  7. Type in the anti-bot code keyword
  8. Click Create
  9. Edit the Home Page using the pencil button and then save (put anything you like on the home page) but be sure to insert at least one picture and have at least one sentence.
  10. Use the new page (+) button to create a new Web Page that is a Top Level Page (name as you like)
  11. Use the new page (+) button to create TWO new pages that are NOT Top Level but UNDER the page you created above.
    For the pages above, one should be a Web Page and one should be an Announcements page. For the announcements page, create at least two posts.

Be sure to e-mail your URL to 


At end of day 2, the site should look similar to

1.  Use the More | Manage to change the name in the banner to something else other than the site’s name.

    2.  Use Site Layout to add a Horizontal Menu  (under More|Manage).  Click on Site Layout at left and then the Change Site Layout Button.  Add a Horizontal Menu.  You’ll then need to edit the Horizontal menu bar and manually add each one of the pages.  THIS IS THE MOST COMPLICATED THING YOU WILL DO TODAY.
    3. Add one more Top Level Menu item that uses the File Cabinet Template.  Upload one file and create one link on this page.
     4.  Add one more Top Level Menu item that uses the List Template.  Create a two column list (Family & Birthdays, Friends & Pets, Superheroes & Secret Identities).  Be sure to put at least three items in the list and play with the sort button.5.  Add these last two items in your horizontal menu.  While you are there, try to add a URL item to this menu.  Link to a favorite website.

    6.  Turn the comments and attachments OFF on the welcome page.  (Page Settings, uncheck allow comments and attachments)

    Other stuff to try
    Use Search to look for words on the few pages you have
    Add more pages
    Try inserting some of the other gadgets on the pages
    Change the sidebar to include a countdown to the end of school.
    Play around with the Themes
    Play around with the Fonts and Colors
    While editting a page, click on the html button on the left and see what the HTML looks like.  Try some of your tagging tricks from class.

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