Dear Class – Hope you are all well!

Not sure if anyone is checking the site any longer.  Can’t believe we had to have you working in the classroom on your own for four weeks without me there.  I’m sure my replacement is doing a fine job.  Keep in touch.  You know how to find me –

I’m still #1 in Google when you look up Mr. T Geometry.  Be interesting to see if that slips while I’m not in the classroom.

Take Care,

-Mr. T


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Grades part II

Progress report grades are done.  A few of you have e-mailed me about missing things and generally these things have been found (or made up) and entered.

One or two of you may have done the Khan Academy work but failed to add me as a coach – which means I don’t know if you’ve done anything.  IF YOU NEED TO E-MAIL ME, use  This is also my coach name on Khan.

I HOPE YOU HAVE A NEW TEACHER ON MONDAY, if not continue working through Khan.  You will continue to receive credit AND you will be learning what you need to learn.  Those people who have e-mailed me I have authorized to “Jump ahead” if any particular section seems like “busy work” and is not challenging enough.

I’m VERY IMPRESSED with how many of you have dealt with this unusual situation.  Many of you have OVER 100% because of the extra credit I built into the work.  Keep this incident in mind for a college essay: “How my teacher left for 4 weeks and how I ended up doing better without him.” (This assumes you are one of the ones who kept on going)

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It looks like I may be doing your progress report grades.

You have until Sunday Night the 17th to do any of the old internet sheets and make a good effort at the Khan Academy.

If you haven’t done anything in the last 4 weeks – don’t expect a good grade.

IF YOU NEED TO E-MAIL ME, use as my account no longer works.

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Greetings from Seattle – TWO THINGS!

Hi!  Jackomo and I made it!  Janine met us at the new house on Friday. We’ve been unpacking all weekend.

1)  If you’ll read it, there’s a book I wrote on the shelf on the left hand side of the classroom as you walk in.  It’s about the year I spent teaching English in Hungary.  Feel free to take one (There are about 20, they are blue, thin, and say Taylor on the spine). You can download to your Kindle here.

2)  Encourage your parents to call the school or the district HR department to figure out what’s happening with my replacement.  231-1185 is WCCUSD Human Resources.  You should have a teacher by now!

Good luck.  I miss you all (well, most of you 😉 )

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Packing Day

Hello from home amidst boxes and crates.  Sorry I couldn’t be there today.  Seems like a lot of people had trouble (or didn’t try) the work from today.  I added a couple of examples to the bottom of the page but the problems are really just like the work from yesterday except you need to keep track of your exponents and if you get and answer like 25 x 1014 then you have to change it to (2.5 x 101) x 1014 which is 2.5 x 1015.  Good luck.  I’ll have more (hopefully easier) work on Monday.  MAKE SURE you did yesterday’s work – no excuses on that one.

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Greetings from Seattle and Happy Holidays

Seattle Skyline. Courtesy of Images may be subject to copyright. Click to see original image.

No, I haven’t left yet – but I did take a day off school for Jackomo (the dog) and I to fly up here for a week of house hunting/job searching/wife cuddling.  As most of you already know, my wife Janine got an amazing job with the Gates Foundation which will allow her to continue the great work of poverty alleviation she has been immersed in over the last few years.

It’s raining here but Jackomo (who made the flight easily after TSA finally caught him running loose in the airport) and I have already gone for a run, had our coffee, and driven Janine to work (Jackomo is a questionable driver).

As a reminder, I’ll be teaching until the end of the semester and we hope we will have a brand new and improved teacher ready to go for day 1 of the Spring Semester.

Have a wonderful break (after you finish today’s classwork!).

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Welcome to my NEW website – 2012 Edition

I was told that WordPress (not too dissimilar from Joomla or Drupal) is the way to go with websites (sadly Dreamweaver is becoming old school).

Some of you will notice the banner is changing now – Thanks to Jesus Ortega for showing me how to do this (once I updated this website to a more recent version of WordPress).

This year I’m excited to be teaching Algebra I in addition to Geometry and Web Design.

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