Instructions for Flipped Classroom Assignment

First Set of Review Videos will be done in class.

It is possible some of the check boxes or input boxes may appear in the wrong place on the screen.  Do the best you can to figure out what matches to what.  The quizzes between the videos are simply to help test your understanding.  You should take a guess, check your answer.  If it is incorrect you might try again – but don’t spend forever trying to get the right answer – it will be revealed on the next video.

If you don’t think you need to watch the explanation after the quiz you MIGHT choose to skip it but there is sometimes important information here (and jokes!).

Second Set of Videos (Volume and Surface Area) should be done outside of class.

For these, you can get extra credit IF on a separate sheet of paper:
1)  Take Notes – this is somewhat open-ended but you should have at least one fact per “Setup” video.  You MIGHT have notes for some of the explanations.
2)  Provide answers to quizzes.  Can include these within the notes.
3)  Take the quiz provided at the end (bottom of the table of contents).

Even if you choose not to do the extra credit, you need to watch the videos if at all possible – especially the last 5.  We will be doing a project in class related to this.

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