Number of courses is astounding

Just those listed through coursetalk are overwhelming.  About 10 new classes per week starting each week.  Most of these are through Coursera.  A few through Venture Lab.  Most of the Udacity and other providers have self-paced models that can begin at any time.  I think I’ll likely pick one that starts in the next week or two and then pick another one that starts about half-way through the next one ending.  That way I get that constant excitement of starting a new course (assuming I have capacity for all of this with the new job starting).

I almost feel like it would be worth it to take a year off and just take 4 or 5 classes at a time.

Some basis notes:

Now An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python Coursera Rice *****
Now The Hardware/Software Interface Coursera UW First
Now 2.01x: Elements of Structures Coursera MIT First
22-Apr Finance Venture Lab Stanford First
22-Apr Introduction to Guitar Coursera Berklee First
29-Apr Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society Coursera Penn *****
29-Apr Technology Entrepreneurship Venture Stanford ****
29-Apr Generating the Wealth of Nations Coursera Melbourne First
29-Apr Mobile Health Without Borders Venture Lab Stanford First
TBA E-learning and Digital Cultures Coursera Edinburgh 3.5
TBA Videogames and Learning Coursera Wisconsin-Madison First
TBA Designing a New Learning Environment Venture Stanford 3.5
TBA Fundamentals of Online Education: Planning and Application Coursera Georgia Tech 2.5 Cancelled
Whenever HTML5 Game Development Udacity
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