My Great Idea that started this all

Backing up, I had this brain flash the other day – there’s all this great content on the web but no one really knows which of it is good.  Wouldn’t it be great if there were a Yelp or TripAdvisor equivalent in the MOOC world.  Well it took about 30 seconds on Google to come up with .  It’s still not widely used but seems to be a pretty good clearing house for a lot of courses even though some of them have not been reviewed.

Just a quick look at this show that the key players (or at least ones that supply APIs) are

  • Canvas Network (23, Tier 2 Schools including Seattle CC, Most TBA – Actual website seemed to have a few more classes, some in progress, others with begin dates not listed on CT)
  • Code School (21, Most Self-Paced, Majority cost $25)
  • Code Academy (6 classes, all self paced, all reading, compiler and instructions side by side)
  • Coursera (315, Top Universities,  About half TBA, Some Signature Track cost $70 to verify it was you and get a verified certificate:  See my other blog entry.)
  • EdX (24, Harvard, MIT, UCBerkeley, Many TBA)
  • Udacity (22, Mostly Self paced unless a new class)
  • Khan Academy (23,  All Self Paced, Not sure if non-math ones have exercises)
  • Venture Lab (9, Primarily Stanford, Most TBA)






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