Greetings from Seattle and Happy Holidays

Seattle Skyline. Courtesy of Images may be subject to copyright. Click to see original image.

No, I haven’t left yet – but I did take a day off school for Jackomo (the dog) and I to fly up here for a week of house hunting/job searching/wife cuddling.  As most of you already know, my wife Janine got an amazing job with the Gates Foundation which will allow her to continue the great work of poverty alleviation she has been immersed in over the last few years.

It’s raining here but Jackomo (who made the flight easily after TSA finally caught him running loose in the airport) and I have already gone for a run, had our coffee, and driven Janine to work (Jackomo is a questionable driver).

As a reminder, I’ll be teaching until the end of the semester and we hope we will have a brand new and improved teacher ready to go for day 1 of the Spring Semester.

Have a wonderful break (after you finish today’s classwork!).

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