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By Michael Taylor

My group had the idea to do a movie review website.    The team consisted of Zak, Marc, and myself – I was helping out because we didn’t have fifteen people in the class.  Zak had a lot of energy for doing the reviews.  Marc was excellent at organizing and taking some of the ideas and making it better.  I helped make sure a few things got done and did my part to do one-third of the website – as the teacher I tried not to do too much as it wouldn’t be fair to the other groups.  In general I think we worked really well.  If we had needed to work longer, we might have needed more well-defined roles and a better overall strategy about what the website was supposed to be about.

The main thing I learned on our site was the theme that Marc picked.  It was a “Gaming Review” website that essentially had a separate blog for game reviews.  As part of these reviews you could rate them, put in the good and the bad, as well as put as a line from the movie.  Other than that I didn’t learn much from this particular site, I learned some more about other sites from team 1 (Jesus and William) and team4 (Chris and Daniel) – both of them picked different themes that had slightly different functionality.

In looking back over my journal, I noticed that I actually spent a lot of time outside of class figuring out some of the programming worked.  I also spent some time over the break helping to build a photography website for my friend.  One particular problem that kept coming up was sliders.  Some of them are built into themes (like team1’s) and others you can install as a plug-in (which I helped Damonte with).

I think our team’s website is best because the them is very cool and we have lots interesting pages about fun movies (and even a few bad movies which we got lots of comments on).  The site is well organized has some fun original pictures on it where we posed as different movie posters.  The only thing I might improve is more movies and upcoming movies (which was a suggestion when the class graded it).  [Section above is 375 words]

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