Q2 Syllabus (W)

Monday Oct 29

Discuss WordPress and Databases.

See DatabasePrimer.com for more info on databases (Important word:  “Primer” is a good keyword for google searches when looking for tutorials or introductions to a topic).

Check out new site in progress:  mrt.hmhswebdesign.com

Tuesday October 30

  1. Go to your website www.hmhswebdesign.com/cccxx  where xx are your initials
  2. Read the post page and the sample page
  3. Add wp-admin to the end of the address about and login as an administrator.  Admin as the user name and your ID as the password.
  4. Skim the dashboard welcome page.  Specifically read the middle column (related to next few tasks).  For each of the next few tasks, be sure to click the Update Button before you move on.
  5. Read and Edit the Sample Post.  Add a sentence and change something about the original text.
  6. Read and Edit the Sample Page.  Click on the kitchen sink button on the toolbar and use the new row of buttons to color several of the existing words.  Add a sentence at the bottom of the page so I know you edited it.
  7. Add a page with the title “About”.  It should have three of your favorite things listed and any other information you feel like sharing.  Use at least one item from the toolbar to make the text formatting more interesting.
  8. Add a post about Why you like or dislike Halloween.  Include a picture in the post.
  9. Preview the website and notice where the post and pages were added.  Notice the changes to the sidebar at the left.
  10. See hmhswebdesign/CCCMT to see what yours should look like by the end of class.  If you think you left something out or that your pages and posts were just weak, then go beef them up.
  11. Read and try more if you have time.

Wed October 31

Check out this year’s and last year’s pumpkin patch.  Hacking Challenge:  Can you figure out how to view the pumpkin patches from 2010 and 2009?

  1. Login to the Dashboard in the same way you did yesterday.
  2. Go to the Appearance menu and select Theme Options
  3. Change the theme to dark. Change the color of the links (and write down what color you changed them to).  Switch the content to “on the right”. Save the changes and preview the website.
  4. If you don’t like the dark theme, you can switch it back but keep the link color and “on the right” content style.
  5. Go to the Appearance Menu and select Background.  Change the background color, save the changes, and preview the changes.
  6. From the Appearance|Background menu, select an image from your documents and upload it.  Experiment with the display options and save these changes.  For now, this image can be anything.  Later you may want to change it to something that fits in with the theme of your site.
  7. Go to the Settings Menu and select General. Change the Site Title and Tag Line to something you like (For Example:  Mike’s Blog | No Punches Pulled ).  Change the e-mail address to your e-mail.  Save the changes and preview the page.
  8. Create another post titled “Settling into settings”.  Write about what kind of changes you just made, what picture you uploaded, and why you named your site what you named it.  Before you publish your post, add a category (lower left) called “Early Exercises” and two tags called Settings and Theme.  Put these in with commas:  Settings, Theme
  9. Preview your post and notice the changes in the sidebar.
  10. Re-edit your post from yesterday about Halloween.  Mark it as a “Early Exercises” category (un-check uncategorized).  For tags, create one called “Halloween” and one related to what you wrote about or the picture that you uploaded on this post.  Update the post and preview.
  11. Click on the “Early Exercises” category at the bottom of the most recent post (or in the side bar).  You should notice the URL changes AND that the only posts on this page are the most recent and the Halloween post. The “Hello World” post from the home page should not show up here because it is still in the “uncategorized” category.
  12. Add one more post that just says “Happy Halloween!” in a large font.  Leave it as “uncategorized” but add the Halloween tag.  To do this click on the “Choose from a list of most used tags” and select the Halloween tag.
  13. If you preview now and click on the Halloween tag below the most recent post then you’ll get a page consisting of only the two Halloween entries.
  14. If you have time, look at someone else’s website and make a comment on one of their posts.

Thursday Nov 1

First:  Go to Mr. Taylor’s site example site (hmshwebdesign/CCCMT) and look through the posts.  Write a comment on one of the posts.  (You’ll notice he’s turned them off at the bottom of the page).

Today is a brainstorming day. All of your thoughts should be written down in posts.  You will write 4 posts.  The category for the posts will be “Brainstorming”.  The tags on each post will be two words of your own choosing related to the post.  You can do more than two tags if you like.

Before you begin you might want to look at some of the compare/constrast/combine sites from years past (off of main menu – ask if you can’t find it).

Post 1:  A numbered list of 10 things you are interested in.  List both a general example and a more specific example.  See example on Mr. Taylor’s page.

Post 2: A paragraph about 1 of these 10 items.  Anything you want to say.  What you know about it. Why you like it.  Trivial facts.  Include at least one picture (but don’t spend too long looking for the picture!).

Post 3 and 4:  Repeat Post 2 for two other items.

Remember to make sure to tag and categorize these.  If you forgot, go back and do it now!

Friday Nov 2.

If you have not already, approve the comment that Mr. Taylor made on your Hello World (first post).

Use the list here to go and leave a comment for the two people above and below you in the list on any one of their posts.  This should take 5 minutes.  A short comment for 4 people.  If you notice someone has already commented on something, you can comment on their comment!

Use the rubric to grade the person above you and and below you.  Share the score with them and show them what they were missing.

Approve the comments made by the four people in the list.

Continue working on your own if you are not finished with Tue, Wed, or Thursday’s work.  You may want to re-read to see if you’ve forgotten anything.

Monday Nov 5

  1. Approve or reject any comments
  2. Add Welcome page
  3. Add Blog Page
  4. Use the Quick Edit on the Pages menu to change order on menu:   Welcome(1), About(2), Sample(3), Blog (4).  Refresh your site and look at the new order.
  5. Delete Sample Page.  Refresh the site and notice the menu.
  6. Go to the Settings|Reading page and change the front page to point to a static page.  Make the Welcome Page your front page.  Make your posts appear on the blog page.  Refresh the site.
  7. Turn comments off for Welcome, About, and Blog page. (From Quick Edit menu or Full Edit of page)
  8. Write a post about a classmate’s site that you found most interesting. Categorize the post as “Early Exercise” and add two tags.  Include a link to the site that opens in a new window.
  9. Write another comment for one of the posts above and below you on the CCC link.
  10. Reply to one of the comments on your pages.  The best place to do this is to go to the posts page and look at the approved posts.  Pick one and reply.  You can also do this from the comment itself on your website as long as you’ve logged into the dashboard.

Tuesday Nov 6

  1. Approve or reject any comments
  2. Reply to one of the comments on your pages
  3. Create a site map POST with an outline of your idea. Categorize as “Planning” and tag with at least two related tags.  Create an outline like the one below.
  4. Write a post about “The Election”, Categorize as “Early Exercise” and add two tags, “election” and one of your choosing.  Include a picture related to elections or your thoughts.
  5. Go to someone’s site you haven’t look at yet and post a comment.


  1. I.                    Item 1
    1. a.      3 things to describe
  2. II.                 Item 2
    1. a.      3 things to describe
  3. III.               Compare
    1. a.      At least two ways in which the items are similar
  4. IV.              Contrast
    1. a.      At least two ways in which the items are different
  5. V.                 Combine
    1. a.      Description of what weird thing might happen if these two things were combined.


Example for Outline:

  1. I.                   Spanish Speaking Countries
    1. a.       Spain (duh!)
    2. b.      Largely in Central and South America
    3. c.       List of ones that I’ve been too
  2. II.                 Crosswords
    1. a.       Combination of clues and answers
    2. b.      NY Times get harder as week goes on
    3. c.       NY Times version always have symmetry
  3. III.              Compare
    1. a.       The both have to do with language
    2. b.      For me, they are both means of escaping from everyday life
    3. c.       They both can be hard – especially when you can communicate (or don’t know the answers)
  4. IV.              Contrast
    1. a.       Size
    2. b.      Friendliness
    3. c.       Color
  5. V.                Combine
    1. a.       Easy – A Spanish Crossword puzzle with many of the answers being geography questions
    2. b.      WILD – A country where they speak in nothing but riddles.  When you meet, you might say “A typical greeting”.

Another example here and here.  There are more under the “Site Map” page for the example Compare Contrast Combine sites.

Wed Nov 7

  1. Approve or reject comment, write a comment for the person above, below, and one other at random.  Reply to one of the comments on your website.  THIS IS NOW KNOWN AS THE STANDARD DRILL.
  2. Write a post about “Results of the Election”, Categorize as “Early Exercise” and add two tags, “election” and your choosing.  Include a picture related.
  3. Create a blank “My Interests” page.
  4. Create a blank page for Item1 and Item2.  They should be named whatever the two items were that you were talking about in your Site Plan from yesterday.  For instance, Spanish Speaking Countries and Crosswords.  When you create this make the parent page (right side) as My Interests.
  5. Start writing your description of either item.  Include a picture on this page.
  6. Create links on the “My Interests” to the other two pages.

Thur Nov 8

  1. STANDARD DRILL: (See yesterday #1)
  2. Write a post about why you chose one of the items.  Include a picture.  Include a link to a website related to this item.  Categorize as “Early Exercise” and add two tags of your choosing.
  3. Create CCC page
  4. Create a Compare page,  a Contrast page, and a Combine page that each have CCC has as a parent page.
  5. Make sure their order is such that they appear in that order under the CCC menu.
  6. Create links on CCC page to the three pages above.
  7. Finish writing the text about the second item on its PAGE.  Include a picture.
  8. Start writing one of your CCC pages

Fri Nov. 9

  2. Write a post about why you chose the second item.  Include a picture.  Include a link to a website related to this item.  Categorize as “Early Exercise” and add two tags of your choosing.
  3. Create a Links Page.  Include the two links you wrote about (yesterday and today).  Add two more links related to the material you are discussing.  Beside each link, write a one sentence description of what you like about this side and what it contains.  For instance, Runner’s World is the premier running magazine and the web site contains a calendar with all major races.
  4. Re-order menu.  Should be Home, Blog, My Interests, CCC,  About, Links.
  5. Continue writing other pages (Compare, Contrast, and Combine – refer to your site plan post for ideas about what to write).

Monday Nov. 12


Tuesday Nov 13

  1. STANDARD DRILL: (MAKE SURE YOU WRITE 3 Comments!!, Reply to at least one on your site.)
  2. Write a post about something interesting that happened over the weekend.  Include a picture OR a link. CATEGORIZE as “Daily Required” (a new one!), and tag as “weekend” and at least one other appropriate tag.
  3. On the right (or left) of your blog (NOT THE DASHBOARD), find the links on the sidebar (Recent Posts, Recent Comments, Categories, Meta).  Click on a few of these and notice what the do.
  4. Under the Meta, click the Entries RSS link.  This is a summary page of all your posts that OTHER bloggers can use to embed your work into their sites.
  5. To have this information formatted correctly on a page, we need to use a plug-in (an add on to our current site).  Go to your DASHBOARD and click on the Plugins option.  Select Add New and type the following into the search box “add RSS to page” and click Search Plug-ins button.
  6. This is a list of all the plug-ins that MIGHT help you.  A lot of reading and testing is involved in finding the best one.  I found one that the second one “RSS in Page” works okay.  It has 4 stars based on 28 ratings (if you hover the mouse over the stars you’ll see out of how many ratings – notice the one above it only has a handful of ratings).  CLICK INSTALL NOW for the “RSS in Page” Plug-in.
  7. If you now look at the main Plug-ins page you should see the RSS in Page listed along with “Hello Dolly” and maybe a few other plug-ins.  The “Deactivate” link below it is a hint that it is installed. (IF IT SAYS “activate”, then click on this to activate the plug-in)  There are brief details to the right and a link to the web site of the person who built this plug in.  In the description, you will notice “short code [rssinpage rssfeed=’feedURL’] generates a list of RSS feed items..”  Copy the square brackets and everything in between.
  8. Create a new page call Mr T Talks
  9. Paste the code you copied into the body of the page – NOTE:  This type of code does NOT have to be pasted into the HTML.
  10. Open the following page , find my blog page, and selected the RSS Entries on the bottom of the sidebar on the left to open my RSS feed.  Copy the URL.
  11. Go back to your Mr T Talks page and replace feedURL with the URL you just copied.  (If this turns into a link IT WILL NOT WORK, you may need to UNDO, switch over to the HTML view, and paste the URL where the feedURL was)
  12. Preview this page.  It should show summaries of most of my posts.
  13. Repeat steps 7-13 with the blogs for the person above and below you on the list.  You can decide what to call their pages.  For instance: Mikal’s Posts, Opinions de Artur, Robert’s Ramblings.
  14. Create two more blank pages.  One called Other and one called Classmates.  These can be blank for now.
  15. Arrange your menu such that the Parent of Classmates is Other and the parent of the the previous three pages (Mr T Talks + two others) is the Classmates page.  When you preview this, Other will be on the menu, Classmates will be a sub-menu, and the other three pages will be the sub-sub-menu.
  16. With any time remaining, continue filling our your “item 1”, “item 2”, compare, contrast, and combine pages.  Remember your planning post from last week probably has some good ideas what to write about on these pages.

Wed Nov 14

  1. STANDARD DRILL: (MAKE SURE YOU WRITE 3 Comments!!, Reply to at least one on your site.)
  2. Write a post about a classic debate “Dogs vs. Cats”, “49ers vs Raiders”, “Vanilla vs Chocolate”, “Cold vs Heat”, “Football vs. Baseball”, “Math vs. English”, “Chicken vs Egg” or one of your own choosing..  Include a picture OR a link. CATEGORIZE as “Daily Required” (a new one!), and tag as “debate” and at least one other appropriate tag.
  3. Create a new page called My External Discussions whose parent is Other.
  4. This page will contain the COMMENTS (many of them your own) on the sites of the person above and below you.  It will also contain all of them on the same page.  The code you use will be [rssinpage rssfeed=’feedURL1, feedbURL2′] – you will replace the feedURL1 and 2 with the URLs of the COMMENTS of the blogs for the person above you and below you.  (make sure you’ve finished yesterday’s lesson or this short description won’t make any sense)
  5. See the last step from yesterday to use your remaining time.

Thursday Nov. 15

Happy Birthday Chandrim! (just happened to notice this when doing attendance yesterday).

  1. STANDARD DRILL  (if you have done yesterday’s work you should notice your comments on the “My External Discussions” page of your website).
  2. Write a post about what you would like for your birthday this year – be verbose – talk about why you want it, the history behind you wanting it, etc. CATEGORIZE as “Daily Required”  and tag as “birthday” and at least one other appropriate tag.
  3. Right now the only page that shows the left (or right) side bar is your blog page.  We’d like this to be on the Welcome page as well.  Edit (or Quick Edit) the Welcome page and change the template to the sidebar template.  Preview the Welcome page and notice the change.
  4. Now you are probably curious as to what the Showcase Template is.  Edit the Links Page and change the template to Showcase.  Preview this page and notice the abbreviate posts at the bottom of the page.
  5. Go to the Appearance and Widgets Page.  A Widget is similar to a plug-in (you can find others!) but there are several already installed that can be put on the page.  Drag the Pages Widget over to the sidebar (put right below Meta).
  6. Save this change and preview your Welcome or Blog page – you should notice a text-based menu in the sidebar.
  7. Under the Pages option on the right, change the sort order to Page Order (currently alphabetical).  Save the change and preview the changes on the Welcome page.
  8. You may need to change your order at this point.  It should be Welcome (1), Blog (2), My Interests (3), CCC (4), About (5), Links (6).  This can be done best using Quick Edit.  Note that the sub-items like Compare, Contrast, and Combine don’t need to be changed (although you might need to adjust these if they are not in this order).
  9. Preview your changes in the menu and in the new sidebar menu.
  10. Oops. Forgot to put in Other!!  Go back and make it 4.5 – this will squeeze it in between CCC and About.  [Yes, I did this on purpose to show the order does not have to be an integer].
  11. At this point MOST of your pages should a have a GOOD paragraph about the topic they represent AND a picture that is nicely formatted on the page.  This is what you should be working on with remaining time in class.

Friday Nov. 16

  2. Write a post about your plans for the weekend.  Categorize it as “Daily Required” and tag as “Weekend” and one other appropriate tag.
  3. Write a second post about something else. Whatever you like.  Categorize as “Freestyle” and tag with at least two appropriate tags.  Be sure to include a picture for this one (a good idea here might be to find an interesting picture first and then write about it).
  4. Go through your pages and turn the comments off (via Quick Edit) for ALL pages except for Item1, Item2, Compare, Contrast, Combine, and About.
  5. Go the Appearance and Widgets page.  Expand the Categories widget on the right and select the Show Count checkbox.
  6. Also use the Widgets page to drag a text widget to the  Footer 1 sidebar (you may need to expand this area before you can drop the widget on it).  In this text item, write Copyright 2012 Your Name.  DO NOT INCLUDE A TITLE.
  7. Preview this on your website.
  8. Drag the text back to the “Inactive Widgets” area.  This keeps the settings but removes it from the footer.  Preview again (footer should be gone).
  9. Drag it back to Footer1, 2, or 3 (your choice but make sure it’s included).
  10. Read the last line of yesterday’s work.  In addition start thinking about some ORIGINAL pictures you can include on your pages as well as how you might create a custom banner.  These will be some of the finishing touches for next week.  See the homework below.

HOMEWORK:  Try to bring in (e-mail or on pen or phone – with transfer cable) 5 pictures that you can put in your website somewhere.  They can be pictures of YOU or pictures you’ve taken related to your two items – but they should be original.  We will put these on a Gallery Page AND use them to create two original banners for your website.  If you have a magazine or actual picture you’d like to transfer to electronic form, bring it in and I can scan it.

Monday Nov. 19

  2. Read the instructions here for self-checking your website.  I will be checking these on SUNDAY.  You have these three days in class and any time you choose to spend at home during the week to finish.  I WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING LATE CHANGES.
  3. Save the pictures from your homework to your My Documents/My Pictures folder.
  4. Create a new page called Gallery.  Insert all five from the computer. Use the Gallery Tab to select all five and put in a Gallery.  Update and preview the changes.
  5. Make the Other page the Parent Page of the Gallery Page.
  6. Use Fireworks to create a 1000 by 288 banner.  Insert an appropriate background picture related to one of your items (or both).  If you really like something about one of your current banners you may want to use it as a background.  Add some appropriate text with an effect and incorporate one of your homework pictures (edited/cut out would be best).  Be creative here. [NOTE:  If you think 288 is too tall (I do), I can show you how to edit your theme to use a thinner banner – ask].
  7. Do a second banner.
  8. Under the Appearance|Header menu, upload these two banners and select the Random Image button.  We only want THESE two pictures to appear in the banner. If you have other pictures for the banner, you will need to delete them using the Media menu. (ASK IF UNSURE HOW TO DO THIS).
  9. On the About Page write a short paragraph about yourself and include one of your Homework pictures (Should not need to upload, should be under library tab).
  10. On the Welcome Page write a short paragraph about your site, what you like about it, what posts or pages people should look at – just an introduction.  Include one of your Homework pictures here as well.
  11. Go to the Widgets page and drag the Tag Cloud Widget to the sidebar.  Put it between the Category and the Archives Widget.
  12. You’ll notice there is a Miscellaneous/Extra Credit category at the bottom of the checklist.  This is where I can take up to three points of for minor things that don’t fit elsewhere (for instance, I already noticed I forgot to include a point for turning off the comment boxes at the bottom of most pages) OR WHERE I CAN ADD EXTRA POINTS for exceptional work.  If you are certain you’ve done everything DO MORE. Some ideas:  Add more posts (appropriately tagged and categorized).  Make a BETTER BANNER.  Add more pages (put them under the OTHER menu).  Pick a better background.  Find a widget or plug-in that makes the site better (careful with these – they have the potential to mess up the current site).  Get friends to comment on your posts.

Tuesday/Wednesday – See above

Monday Nov. 26

  1. Create a new post called “rate my website”.  Describe what you think is good about your website and what could be better. Pick a page or a post on your site that you like the best and create a link to it.
  2. Starting with the person below you on the website list, briefly look at each one of their major pages, and then find their most recent post. Be sure to look at the page they have linked to in their most recent post. Write a comment describing one thing that you like and one thing that they can do better on this most recent post. At the end of your comment give the site a grade on how it looks and feels from A+ down to C-. This grade is more about how the site looks and not whether or not they’ve completed everything.
  3. Proceed with the next person. You should look at it at least five sites. I’ll remind you about every seven minutes to wrap things up and look at the next site.

Tuesday Nov. 27

Discuss where we have been and where we are going.

•Pick another theme for CCC and install
•View the changes
•Switch back to the 2011 theme and see if everything looks the same
•Write a post on your website Categorized as Required and tagged appropriately.  Write about the THEME you added OR our discussion in class.
•Name on paper plus two people you want to work with
Wednesday Nov. 29
Get with your teammates – Try this for the next 3 days.  If for some reason it becomes IMPOSSIBLE, be prepared with a reasonable argument and alternative when I return.  Don’t get thrown off your team for goofing off.
Team 1 William, Artur, Jesus
Team 2 Kamren, Chandrim, Jonny
Team 3 Robert, Damonte, Mikal
Team 4 Chris, Daniel, Tavarus
Team 5 Marc, Zak, Mr. T?
GOAL for today – Get site set up with all members of team having access. Preview Thur/Fri
  1. Log in as Admin – Create three USERS to match the members of your team.  Each should be an editor. You should never log in as admin unless all members of the team agreed it is necessary or the instructions explicitly say to do so.
  2. Create a page called “The Team”.
  3. Each person log in as an editor and create a page with their name on it.  The parent page should be “The Team” page.
  4. Write a short paragraph about yourself on “your page” and include a NON-COPYRIGHTED picture.  All pictures on this website should be YOURS or ones that you know are public domain.
  5. Also write a post called “Testing”.  Categorize it as “Required” and tag it as “Test”.  Just write a sentence welcoming users to the site.
  6. Read the instructions for tomorrow and Friday and see if you have any questions.
Thursday Nov. 29
GOAL:  Pick a look and SEVERAL ideas for your team’s website.
  1. Log in under your editor name in your TEAM WEBSITE and write a post entitled “My Initial Idea”.  Categorize as “Required” and tag appropriately (at least two).  Talk about what kind of website you might want to make (ideas:  Movie Reviews, Car Reviews, Game Reviews, Website reviews, Fake Movie Promo Site, Fake Car Promo Site, Fake Video Game Promo Site, Baby Sitter Service, Dog Sitter Service, Other Business Idea, Club/Team site, How-To site, Music Blog Site, Real Restaurant, Fake Restaurant, anything you’d like – doesn’t mean your team will definitely do it but here’s a chance to work some ideas out on paper and SELL IT).
  2. One person log in as admin and AS A GROUP preview (you can install and activate or simply preview) at least three themes.  Be sure to look at what it does to the Blog (Home) page and to the Team Pages from yesterday.
  3. As a group, talk about the suggestions made on the Blog Post today.  Can you agree or as a group can you come up with an idea you can all agree on?  Pick an idea and have the adminstrator change the heading text (top of page) appropriately (For instance, Uncle Pete’s Pizzaria or Kitchen Gadget Reviews or Dave’s Dog Sitter).  You can change this later but work on this idea today and tomorrow.
  4. Decide what at least one new page should be on this site and add it to the menu.  The more pages and sub-pages you can come up with (even if they are blank), the more I will be convinced this is a good idea for you.
  5. EACH PERSON should spend some time looking for public domain clip art related to your topic.  Public domain clip art can be found from www.wpclipart.com  or  www.pdclipart.org.  Download these into a folder named “Public Domain” and then upload them to your Media Library.  Both these sites are searchable.  Each person may want to search for different keywords.  Each person should have AT LEAST 5 of these saved in their folder.
  6. Each person write another post about the cliparts they found.  Categorize it as “Required” and give it two appropriate tags. What did they like about them?  Did they wish they could find other ones (for instance, I couldn’t find one of an old style movie camera).  Include at least one of these pictures in the post (shouldn’t need to upload again – should be in library).
Friday Nov. 30
GOAL:  Review and further make website look real.
  1. As a group, remind yourselves how to create a static home page named welcome and to move the posts to a page called blog.  (Do this – you may need to search this page for welcome or blog or static to find the directions – Ctrl-F to find on page).
  2. Go to the Appearance and Widgets page and modify the sidebar in some way.  Spend some time playing around with these options (side bar SHOULD be on the Blog page but it may vary depending on your theme) and previewing the changes after you make one.  Make sure each person knows what the changes did.
  3. Explore the Header and Background page and make any changes there that the team thinks are appropriate.  Be sure to preview your changes.
  4. Add an About and a Links page and make sure these two show up at the far right of the menu bar.   Turn the comments off for both of these pages.
  5. Split up the work on your team so that your team makes a comment on EACH of the other teams sites.  (So for most teams, one person will have to view two sites)
  6. Log in under your editor name in your TEAM WEBSITE and write a post entitled “Thoughts so far”.  Categorize as “Required” and tag as “Thoughts” and at least one other appropriate tag.  Talk about how you like your website and whether or not you think the idea that you picked will work well or if you are thinking that maybe you should pick something else – if something else, explain why you think it will be better.
  7. Write a second post entitled “What we did”.  Categorize as “Required” and tag as “Recap” and at least one other appropriate tag.  Just briefly describe what you did today and/or yesterday around changing the themes/widgets/background etc.  Include a picture from the library.
  8. Write a third, very short post titled “Site I saw”.  Categorize as “Required” and tag as “Site” and one other appropriate tag of your choosing. Write a brief description and impression of one of the other sites that you looked at.  Include a link to the site that opens a new browser window.
  9. Before you leave, one person should accept the comments from the other teams (any editor should be able to do this – I think).
  10. If you have time, re-read all of the directions from Wed/Thur/Fri and see if you think your group forgot anything.

Mon Dec. 3

Discuss what were the barriers to completing the work over the last two days. A few teams have made some progress.  No one seems to be finished.  Some look like they’ve done almost nothing.

Talk about site ideas and teams.

If time, investigate the audio and the slider shortcode.

Tuesday Dec. 4

Review Grading (below)/Check-in with teams individually.

21 At least 21 original “significant” pages or post. – Not sure DO 30!!  Includes GOOD about pages.
6 At least 6 original photographs that were specifically taken for the site
3 Only Public Domain Images for background and banner.  Any copyright images have appropriate caption.
10 Look and feel (Ranked, only 1 team will get a 10, a team MIGHT get a 1), includes things like banner, background, welcome/home page, colors, use of images, slide shows, galleries, sidebars, etc.
3 Map Page appropriately linked – Ease of Grading
5 Peer Grading (Ranked, Only one team gets 5 – Class grade for doing this grading)
4 Audio and Video requirements
4 RSS feed and Similar Site Requirements
4 Daily Updates during final stages/Traffic Component – includes comments from outside class
  Extra Credit – Original Use of Widgets, Themes, Creativeness, etc. (Up to 10?)
60 x 3 = 180 points
20 Summary Paper – each person 250 words, details forthcoming
60 Diary 3×20
20 Oral Presentation of Web site
20 Team Evaluation of your help – Give 20 points split however you like to co-workers.
60 Notebooks to date (3 x 20)

Create a word document named Daily Journal.

Create an entry as follows:

Tuesday 12/4/12

My first entry is me copying my initial thoughts that is on the posts. Starting tomorrow I will write about what I did during class each day.  [Copy post here].


Wednesday 12/5

Just some helpful hints around public domain photos.  In addition to the two public domain sites I already listed above, this seemed like a pretty good resource although not all the links were good:  http://www.pdimages.com/pdlist.htm

The best (I think) are flicker.com USING THE COMMONS AREA – this allows you to see the restrictions for use and pick a size that you like.

I also liked http://www.sxc.hu/ – it requires a name and password to download (but not to search).  You can set up your own account or use mrt_hmhs and 123456 as name and password I already set up.


Example of what your Daily Journal entry might look like today is below.  I will remind you during the last 10 minutes of class – If you find a good website or run into a problem that you solve, you may want to write it down as soon as it happens.  The idea is to spend a little time reflecting about how you used your time and what you did.  This will prove very useful for the summary paper due at the end of the quarter.

Wednesday 12/5/12

This is actually what I did on Tuesday only because I wanted to do an example for everyone.   I didn’t get much done today because I was running around checking on everyone else’s sites and making sure they were okay with what they were doing.  I did spend a fair amount of time helping Zack figure out how to crop a picture so the thumbnails look better.  The weird thing about cropping is the tool is not active to start.  You have to drag over the area you want to crop first then click the crop tool for it to cut away the stuff outside the highlighted area.  This is a useful trick – we had to look at several websites before we found out the easiest way to do this.  Marc and Zack have done most of the work so far.  Tomorrow I hope to get some more public domain pictures uploaded to our site (I’m behind).

Thursday Dec. 5

I wrote a whole bunch of stuff about audio and video inserts and STUPIDLY left the page despite the warning you get when you have failed to hit update.  Let this be a warning to you.  More on Audio and Video later.  Check out this page for video (if at home).

Friday Dec 7

Turn in notebooks.  Number starting from your first one for this quarter (October 22nd?).  Should have at least 20.  Put name on last page with total.

Courtesy of gawkerassets.com. Images may subject to copyright. Click to view original.

Regarding copyrighted materials. For post and pages you may insert copyrighted materials as long as in the caption you say:
A) Url from where you got it. “Courtesy of ….”
B)  State “Images may be subject to copyright.”
C) State “Click to view original”.  (Make sure you fill in the link when putting in image)

You may NOT use them for your banner or background – these need to be public domain or ones you’ve done yourself.

You are still required to have AT LEAST 6 original photos sprinkled throughout your website and a “map page” showing where these are located (more on the map page later).

Monday Dec. 10

Take a minute to look at some of the sites linked from these sites.




As a group you should have a plan for where your 21 (18) pages are coming from.

Tuesday Dec. 11

One of the requirements is “RSS and Similar Sites Requirements”. This means you need links to other sites that are similar to yours (whether means similar means you liked the look of it and tried to mimic it, or the topic is similar is up to you).  Preferably these should be on a link page and have a short summary of the site and the significance of the site in relation to your own (why did you pick it).   If you would prefer to put these links in posts or other pages that is fine.  Put links to these in the map page. More on this below.

In addition at least one page (or a sidebar if you like), needs to contain an RSS feed of stories/posts/news from a related site.  Search this page for how we did it in your CCC site OR find your own widget/method for incorporated an RSS feed.

THE MAP PAGE.  Create a page called Map.  This will contain links to the different criteria I am laying out.  This will make it easier for you to know you’ve done everything and for me to grade.  If you would like to include a biography of your images at the bottom of the map page, that might be a good idea.  I’ll provide a model later.  For now, make map a sub-page of your links page if you have one, otherwise leave it on the main menu (no parent).

 Wed Dec 12

A good slider widget:  See in action here.

Thurs Dec. 13

Related to the map page mentioned on Thursday.  Create a page called map (if you haven’t already) and change the visibility attributes on the right from public to private.  This will make this invisible from your menu.  If you want to find it, you have to know the address AND be logged in (so hmhswebdesign/teamx/map).  It should look like this with your comments and links added where appropriate.  [The link is NOT private].

In order for ME to view it, I’ll have to log in as admin (which means if anyone has changed their admin password, they need to email it to me – use newtrickspublishing@gmail.com)

Fri Dec. 14

Short day today and I’m not there but don’t goof off.  In fact, I’d encourage you to try out different stuff over the break.  If you want to experiment and NOT mess up your team’s site, you can always do it on your CCC site – it’s graded so you can do anything you want on it now.  You might even want to set a goal for yourself over the break – three new widgets and two new themes.  Have a great break.


Wed Jan. 2 – Journal check one is done.  Most of you are doing them but FAR too short.  Needs to be like my examples.  At least 3 sentences and “TOMORROW I WILL” for the last sentence (so 4 sentences).  You should have had 8 – I only graded out of 7.  The next one will likely be one per day (13 days) so another 39 points.

Thur Jan. 3 – Some notes from over the break that you might be interested in.

Trying to build a photography web site for a friend of mine who is a photographer.  I figured there had to be a theme that would be good for that.  I found some web pages that listed a ridiculousness number of themes for this – which each one the problem is learning how the theme works and many charge for the theme (or for an upgrade).  Paying $30 for a theme you use a lot is completely reasonable but there are so many free ones out there, I’m not sure why you would unless someone you knew really recommended it.

Ultimately I just typed in Photography in the Theme Install screen and found one called portfolio plus that I liked.  Eventually found a video that really explained how this works (see below)


I also spent 5 hours with my brother working on my Mom’s web site.  The purchased theme from this site is complicated but cool.  Luckily someone else had already set up most of the features.

Friday Jan. 4

An example of a “good” journal entry.  ALL of yours should be like this from now until the end of the quarter:

Thur Jan 3

Happy new year!  Yesterday the lab was not working and today it happened again.  Since we didn’t want to waste two days in a row we went to the library.  I then went through each groups website to see if they did the “Map” page –  most did not so I reminded them.  I also changed the points on the rubric for 3 of them being attached to the map.  I then started writing a review for the great escape.  I had to save it as a draft because I didn’t finish.  Tomorrow I will finish this review and hopefully do one more.  I think the group is almost finished with the number of pages requirement.


Monday Jan 7

Did you find at least one person to comment on a page on your site today?

Do you have your six original photos?  If so, are there links from the map page?

Tuesday Jan 8

Did you find at least one person to comment on a page on your site today?

Has your group done the RSS feed and similar sites requirement (see Dec. 11)?  If so, are there links from the map page?

Wednesday Jan 9

Did you find at least one person to comment on a page on your site today?

Has your group inserted Audio and Video yet?  If so, make sure there is a link from the map page?

Thursday Jan 10

Did you find at least one person to comment on a page on your site today?

Have you done AT LEAST six significant pages OTHER than your personal page?  Is your personal page good?  Have you linked these 7 pages to the map page with the BEST one listed first?  See example (partial) here.

Friday Jan 11

Did you find at least one person to comment on a page on your site today?

Brief pre-grade of other websites.  Each member of team assigned a different website to look at and grade as-is.  This is just for feedback and is included as part of your “Grading of others” grade.

Consider e-mailing your journal to yourself and working on your summary paper over the weekend.  Key components for this paper.

  • Between 300 and 500 words.  Complete sentences.  No spelling or capitalization errors.
  • How you liked working on the project and how you liked working with the team.  Are there specific things that you liked?  Are there things you think should be changed for future projects.
  • What you learned while working on it.  This might be something technical or about working with the group or on the website on a daily basis?  It might be more than one thing.
  • A particular problem that you overcame (or maybe didn’t – something you wanted to do but couldn’t figure out)
  • Something your team did that stands out.  Explain why your team’s site is best or why you or the team deserves extra credit.


Monday Jan 14

Did you find at least one person to comment on a page on your site today?

If you want me to proof-read your Summary Paper, I need it today.  It is due on Wednesday.  Example here.

Tuesday Jan 15

Did you find at least one person to comment on a page on your site today?

Is your website “the best”?  Is your summary paper ready?  Are all your journal entries solid?  Is the map on your site linked to all of the appropriate pages?  Are there any “broken” picture links on your site?

Wednesday Jan 16

Did you find at least one person to comment on a page on your site today?

Summary Paper Due.  Prepare for oral presentations.

EACH person will talk about their experience, what they liked, what they didn’t like, and a particular aspect of the site or project that they liked the best.  Coordinate with your other group members so that you don’t all say the same thing.  Practicing the presentation would be a good idea.  It should be between 3 and 7 minutes long.

Thursday Jan 17

Grading of teammates:  Click here

Oral Presentations

Grading of other websites: Click here


Journal check

Last chance to update you map.

Give Mr. T feedback (Grade him!)

Be reflective about your Math Grade and see if this accurately projects your grade







Teams of 2: Fake OR real websites.  One admin – generic, 2 next level by name.

Try multiple themes.

Try multiple widgets.

ALL pictures are either self-made OR public domain.

Menu building, sub-category pages,

Diary pages vs. Site pages

Sliding Gallery








Common Shortcodes (ONLY FOR .COM may not work for ours)


How to make short codes:


How to get certain pages to only show certain posts (untested – in fact, after testing some of what’s on this page is incorrect cat_ID no longer yields anything other than 0 but the idea is correct)


More reading:
Understanding the loop:
This is still not at the beginner level but approaching an easier level:  http://codex.wordpress.org/The_Loop_in_Action

A very beginning level php basics – too easy for me but maybe good for a newbie


FINALLY:  An explanation of what runs/when.



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