HTML Project

HTML Lessons Project

Use notepad to start a new web page named  HTMLTagging1.htm

Create a web page about something that interests you.  It can be about an activity, sport, or hobby you like.  It can be a description of your typical day.  It can be selling a make-believe product.  Be creative.

It should contain.

  • <html> and <body> start and end tags
  • A title containing your name (TITLE shows in status bar)
  • At least three paragraphs of information.  (One of the paragraphs may be a <blockquote> from another source as long as credit is given to that source)
  • At least one picture saved in YOUR folder.
  • An ordered or bulleted list
  • A text link to
  • A text link to another website
  • Nest your image (picture) in a link so that if you click on the picture it goes somewhere.
  • A background color or background picture
  • At least one Horizontal Rule
  • One item in bold
  • One item in italics
  • One item underlined (links don’t count)
  • One item as <H1>
  • One item as <H2> or smaller
  • One comment tag of a dark secret you only want hackers to know J

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