Q1 Syllabus (W)


Mon. Aug 20 – Welcome

Tue. Aug. 21– Learn names of each other, go over syllabus and rules.

HW:  return Parental Syllabus Signed.  (20 points) – due TOMORROW!!

Take apart and clean computers.

Wed. Aug. 22 – Review vocabulary words using Concept Map.  Take apart and clean computers.  Logging in.

Thur. Aug. 23

MyFirstTechDefinition.  Word from warm-up assigned.  Find definition and picture and save in your folder.  Exact Instructions Here:

  • Open Word and save in MyDocuments as “MyFirstTechDefinition”
  • Type your Name
  • Type Your Word and a synonym or definition.
  • Find definition on Web (No more than 3 sentences!!).  Copy and paste.  Copy and Paste URL to give credit!
  • Find a picture and copy and paste.  Copy and Paste URL for this as well
  • Format as you like.  Save again!
  • Test on a different computer.  Still there?

See if Alice is Working

Fri. Aug. 24 –

Register for ROP at https://rop.cccoe.net/ Use 11023 as your ID and HER11023 as password

Open word and save the file as MySecondTechDefinition in YOUR FOLDER! Example
Come up with a word NOT on yesterday’s list related to computers. Then do the following:

Type your Name
Type Your Word and a synonym or definition.
Find definition on Web (No more than 3 sentences!!). Copy and paste.  Copy and Paste URL to give credit!
Find a picture if possible and copy and paste.
Format as you like.  Save again!

REMEMBER: Word, Your Definition, Internet Definition, Credit to Website, Picture, Credit for picture. Look around room for examples. One should be saved as MyFirstTechDefinition and the other as MySecondTechDefinition (words were assigned. If you are new, pick any two words from the vocabulary list).

Monday Aug. 27

IMPORTANT:  For remainder of year you may see instructions about saving in your roaming drive or the H: drive.  This now means save in “My Documents”.  Any mention of an X: drive will probably mean the Apps or P: Drive (but I’m still figuring that piece out).

Snafu with Alice Change of plans:

Set of Google account.  Start Lesson 1.

Google Docs Lesson 1

Google Docs Lesson 2

Google Docs Lesson 3_4_5

Tue Aug 28

Make sure lesson 1 is done and everyone has a docs.google.com account.  Distribute Vocabulary Packet.

Wed Aug 29

Problems logging in? Try a different computer (possible in web design only).  Otherwise try student as name and student as password with third line saying “this computer”.  Will allow you to access internet but not save to your account (only to this computer).  If internet asks for password, use firstname.lastname and id just like normal.

Continue Google Lessons and  Vocabulary Research Packet. Check Friday reminder about LAST week’s work. Make sure you have a FirstTechDefinition and a SecondTechDefinition saved as a Word Doc in your “My Documents”

Thur. Aug 30

Continue Google Lessons.  Finish all.  Your “Main Me” page should link to the other 6 documents you created.

Fri. Aug 31

Finish Google Docs Lessons from Tuesday and Vocabulary sheet.  Log in to docs.google.com then switch to sites.google.com.  Try to create your own website.  Confused?  LOTS of instruction on the internet if you can find it!!  Lots of great YouTube videos that you can watch from home.

Tuesday Sept. 4

More on Sites.Google.com – Review what people got done.

Check that you’ve done the following on your google docs:

  • Home Page Named 1MainM
    Paragraph about self
    Bulleted list of classes
    Sent Link To Mr T

    • Second Page named 2Favorite Class
    • 3rd page named 3WPDown
      Paragraph about picture
      4×4 Table
      Table filled with various fonts
      Second Picture
      This links to my favorite site sentence
      This linked to a site
    • 4WPUp
      Same as above
      Horizontal Line
    • Links to all of the above plus 5SSDown, 6SSUp, Survey, 7PDown, 8PUp from 1MainMe


 Practice Quiz

Wednesday Sept. 5

Go over Vocabulary.

Start Grading others Google Docs work.

Actual Quiz

Thursday Sept 6

Finish Grading others Google Docs work.

Friday Sept 7

Network out – impromptu Tagging lesson

Monday Sept 10

Follow directions provided for Google Sites creation

Some other useful links related to this are:


Tuesday Sept 11

Finish Google Site

Wed. Sept 12

Look at HTML Lessons here.  http://www.w3schools.com/html/

Basic Daily Routine

  1. Open link above and find where you last left off from links on left side bar.
  2. Create a BLANK text document using notepad and save in your folder as “SummaryDDMMYYname.htm” – example “Summary091312Michael.htm”.  Remember to add htm extension and change file type to all documents before saving.
  3. Spend about 25 minutes reading and experimenting with the “Try It Yourself buttons”.   As you discover things, jot down notes in your Summary page for the day.
  4. During the second half of each class, organize your notes in your summary page AND then “decorate” the text with examples of the tags you learned.   Be sure to put in <BR> or <P> tags at end of sentences to make it more readable!
  5. After you’ve finished tagging the notes, copy and paste the html to a new page in your Google Site (put under the HTML Lesson Page).  You’ll need to open the html view after you edit the page.

Modelling above behavior

Thursday Sept 13



Friday Sept 14-Thursday Sept 20 (including one “down” day to network issues)

Continue taking notes on above.

Friday Sept. 21 and Monday Sept. 24

Project (see HTML Project instructions in menu)

Tuesday Sept. 25

Checking each other’s Projects

Last touches on projects.

Wed Sept 26

  • Review Copyright and sample documents at U:\WebDesign\Act1_1Graphics.pdf
  • Find a jpg, gif, and png file on the internet.
  • Save each file in your folder (Save Picture As.. from internet explorer)
  • At the same time, create a new word document name Act1_1Graphics and save it in your folder.  Insert the picture into a word document and create a document similar to the sample document.  Each picture should be labeled with:
    • Filename
    • File Size (use windows explorer to go to your directory and look at the saved file size),
    • Found at:  the address (URL)
    • What, if any, copyright information was visible on the page


Read one of these articles:

Thur Sept 27

Today’s lesson (which will continue into tomorrow) is about exploring the features of Fireworks:
Read U:\WebDesign\Act1_5NamePlateDirections.pdf and look at the example Act1_5NamePlateExamples.doc

If Time: Look at U:\WebDesign\Act1_5FireworksReference.pdf (this is just an overview of buttons and panels)

Fri Sept 28

Pick one Image effect AND one text effect from the list below and learn how to do it (link goes to instructions).  Create an example and save each effect as a png file with the name EffectXXXXX, where XXXXX is the name of the effect.  For example, EffectCrayon and EffectChocolateText

Image Effects

Text Effects


Mon Oct 1

Warm-up:  Read the following page: Value & Color as you read pick one section to summarize and write it in your notebook. For instance, explain what hue is. If you finish, you may want to select some of the other page links at the bottom of the Value and Color page. I used to read all of these pages but think this is the best one for what we do.

Done? Play around with the color picker you get when you change the fill color for a rectangle. Click on the color wheel and play around with the HSL and the RGB values to get new colors.

Most of you need to finish Friday’s work.  Then look at the instructions below in the the usual place.

Classwork: Act1_6Colors

Interested in why some colors are “safe” for the web, See :http://www.graphicsacademy.com/what_colorsafe.php

Tues Oct 2

Finish Act1_6 – Making the MyAndyWarhol document

If done early, consider going back and doing more effects from Last Friday. Or see if you can figure out how I did this:


See the RandomPictureOrientationEC.pdf.

• Can you use layers and rotations to recreate this using the single picture available?

Wed Oct 3

See document Act1_6LogoInstructionsAndSample in U:\WebDesign

Introduction to making Logos. Public domain clip art can be found from www.wpclipart.com (this one may be blocked, I’m working on it) or  www.pdclipart.org

Thur Oct 4

More Logo making – TAKE PICTURES to be used next week.

Continue working on logos.

Group should have decided on color

Group MAY have decided on symbol, example: Car, Wheel, Chopsticks, Faucet…

GOAL:  Everyone in group finished with their logo SAVED AS usernamelogo.png

Example:  gharris1logo.png,  hhung1logo.png, mtaylor2logo.png

Once everyone is done let me know and I will put in your leaders folder

If you are done, make sure you finished the Act1_6Colors aka “MyAndyWarhol”




Fri Oct 5


Use google to look up this

Quiz Logo Corporate ABC

Go to “Quiz-em-all presents” link and try to figure out three of the letters (note some of them are not at the beginning but in the MIDDLE of the Company’s name – B is probably easiest example of this).

Write down three that you guessed


Finish up Logo’s – Share with class

Each leader has copies of other team members logos in their folder. Need to create document like example document at bottom of Act1_6LogoInstructionsAndSample in U:\WebDesign

This document should be saved as Logo.doc (also includes brainstorming notes. Re-read document above if confused).


Monday Oct 8

Practice with Selection Tools.  See instructions in U:\WebDesign – Open the Word Document: Act1_7FireworksSelectionPractice.

Tues Oct 9

Finish Selection Tools work (did you do a second one with your picture?). Finish old work or do another selection practice with a different picture. Save as SelectionPracticeEC

Start Greeting Card project. (See Act 1_8)

Wed Oct 10

Finish Selection Practice. Start Greeting Card.

Another cool trick you may want to use for your greeting card. Making the text follow a path:

To do the above:

  1. Use the vector path tool to paint a vector path. (Look for the Vector label on the toolbar and find the top right button. It’s probably right above the text button. You may need to hold the button down to change it to the vector path tool as it may be in the pen tool mode.).
  2. Type some text
  3. Select the text and the the path using the selection tool
  4. From the menu, Text|Attach to Path
  5. For pentagon, or circle, any shape, draw the shape using the appropriate shape tool and attach the text to it.
  6. The animated stuff was just something I was playing around with – it doesn’t make sense for a card unless it’s an E-card.

Thursday October 11 – Tuesday October 16

Do Greeting Card plus three of the four projects listed in the WORD document, Final Fireworks Projects 2007, located in U:\WebDesign



Wednesday October 17


Thursday Oct. 18

TBA:  Make sure everyone can “shrink” photos to the correct size.

NOTEBOOKS DUE TOMORROW. You need to go through and number your warm-ups.  Each one should already have a date on it.  Your first one for this quarter is likely dated 8/21.  Simply Write a 1 by YOUR FIRST ONE, a 2 by YOUR SECOND ONE, and so on.  If you have 22 warm-ups it should be number 1,2,3…22.  If you have 30 warm-ups, it should be numbered 1,2,3…30. Beside the very last one (THURSDAY) Write TOTAL: and the number of warm-ups. 34 or more warm-ups is 100%.  They are worth 3 points each.  Every one over 34 is worth 1 point of extra credit.  Have your notebook numbered and ready to go at the start of class tomorrow.  If it is not ready at the start of class it is late (10 points off for late and 5 points off for following directions).  If it is not ready by the start of class Monday, 50% off. ALSO – MAKE SURE YOUR NAME IS ON the first page and the last page!!

Friday. Oct. 19

Tournament of Champions – Fireworks Projects

*Make a copy of your best work to date and then rename it as YourNameBest.  (for instance mtaylor1best)

Notebooks due!!


Mon October 22

Page Banner 1

Following the “professional directions” from Adobe’s developers network site.
You and your client, “Cafe Townsend”, have sketched the following to be the page banner for the website.

Instructions can be found under Help|Getting Started|Tutorial – Creating a page banner.

Your png file should be save in YOUR FOLDER, not in local_sites/cafe_townsend/images/ as the directions suggest.

Tues October 23

Finish Banner 1. Start Page Banner 2.  Doing your own.  Create a page banner for one of the businesses for which we designed logos.   The banner should:

  • be 700 by 92 pixels with 72 pixels/cm
  • be saved in your folder as Banner2
  • contain a ANY logo that the class created ( U:\WebDesign\logos  )
  • have a background photo (any photo from the internet – even though it may be copyrighted)
  • have some text
  • have at least one additional layer

Practice Quiz over Fireworks.

Wed October 24

Quiz over Fireworks

Try this cool animation project

THURS October 25

Do animated Jack-O-Lantern first.

Instructions are a word document at U:\WebDesign\AnimatedJackOLanterns2009


Continue banner1 and 2 (if not done from Mon/Tue) and THEN project from yesterday (animated football).

Fri October 26

Catchup. Make a spooky pumpkin animation for fun. Will upload our pumpkins to an online pumpkin patch.

online pumpkin patch 2009 online pumpkin patch 2010

(May need to use Internet Explorer, My Javascript may not work with Firefox)

online pumpkin patch 2011 YOUR PUMPKINS!!

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