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ABOUT THE CREATOR:Mike doing a triathlon at Wildflower

Mike Taylor is both a teacher and a programmer.  He holds a Masters Degree in Education from NWMSU and a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from Duke University.  Although he started his career in the private sector, he gravitated to teaching. He is currently teaching Math and Technology at a public high-school in California.  Mike sharpens his programming skills from time-to-time by re-entering industry.  He wants to thank his wife, Janine, for putting up with his geekiness, offering suggestions for the non-geek who may use his applications, and correcting his convoluted help instructions.

Have a suggestion, complaint, or other comment:  please write to Mike at and put the name of the application (i.e. Math Tooter, Bazillionaire) as part of the subject line.

COMING SOON! Check out the 10th anniversary edition of my book. Soon available whereever fine e-books are sold!