Q1 Syllabus (G)


Mon. Aug 20 – Welcome

Tue. Aug. 21 – Learn names of each other, preview Math words, go over syllabus and rules.

HW:  return Parental Syllabus Signed.  (20 points) – due TOMORROW!!

Practice Arithmetic Speed Drills on the internet. (Don’t let this get in your way, put a little time in over the next few weeks remembering your tables!)

Wed. Aug. 22 – Get Books (20 minutes), More Arithmetic Practice (above)

Get Books (20 minutes), More Arithmetic Practice (above), Discuss Symmetry

HW: Read Ch 0.1, p. 2-4 Answer questions p. 4 1- 6.  Copy questions OR write answers in complete sentences.

More stuff on symmetry. Check out here for reflectional and here for rotational.

Want a game that uses rotations and reflections: Check out these versions of pentaminoes: version 1 , version 2 , version 3

Didn’t get to do this in class yesterday. This is something you might want to practice at home:

Practice Arithmetic Speed Drills on the internet. (Don’t let this get in your way, put a little time in over the next few weeks remembering your tables!)

Thu. Aug. 23


CW/HW: Worksheet on Graphing and points, segments, rays, and lines. (Also some on labeling and marking figures!)

Fri Aug. 24

HW/CW: Calculate midpoint using midpoint formula. See book pages 36 and 37 for more information. Do twenty problems (will need to do 2 segments per graph to get them to all fit on the graph paper provided). Show calculations AND graph solution for each one.
Problems can be generated AND CHECKED here OR you can make up your own points.

Example (click to enlarge)

Calculations for each problem will look as follows:

Points: (-6, 8.0) and (3, -4)
x = (-6+3)/2 , y = (8 + -4)/2
x = -3/2 , y = 4/2
Midpoint is (-1.5, 2)


Mon Aug 27
Parts of a circle and angles. More marking and labeling of circles. Preview Vocabulary Worksheet (see here).

Review Graphing and Midpoint Formula.

Tue Aug. 28

Practice making angles in class. You have three things to get done over the next three days:

  1. Vocabulary worksheet (any questions, preview quiz here)
  2. Algebra Test for tomorrow (questions, examples on line at top of page, / means fraction!)
  3. Graphing worksheet (preview)

Quiz that looks like this one here on next Wednesday. You can practice on this one here as it allows you to check more than once.

Wed Aug 29

Extra Credit #1: While I’m away: History and Art (Sections 0.4,0.5,0.6 in Book).Read one of the sections above, write a one paragraph summary of it and ON THE SAME PAPER copy a design from the book or create your own similar design. (Make sure it’s on a piece of paper you can turn in.Check out cool optical illusions and other related links to this chapter. (Interesting Islamic art article here)

Algebra Test! We need to know what skills from Algebra you still need to work on. Take the attached test. When you are done submit it to send me a score. You can get a non-internet version from the substitute teacher but you won’t know if you are right until I check it. I will LIKELY give extra credit for very good scores. You may take multiple times if you like.

Work on Vocabulary Handout. Use book (may want to bring to class) or internet to find definitions for these words. You need to find a definition for ALL of them but some of the definitions may be a bit confusing. If you don’t understand one of the definitions you write down, then circle the word!!

Finish Graphing Worksheet.

See quiz links from yesterday.

Thur. Aug 30

Receive Graphing worksheet.

See yesterday’s and Wednesday’s assignment. Have you finished everything (Two worksheets, Algebra Test) If so, go back and try any of the links above for practice. Quiz ON TUESDAY!!


Fri Aug 31

1) Take practice quiz here. You should double up in pairs to work on. Do more than once if you like. Guest teacher will use seating chart to record your scores – help the teacher find you on the seating chart.

2) Make sure you have a definition for each word on the Vocabulary sheet. Ask others in class or look up on internet if you still have questions.

3) Some of you have not done the work the Algebra Quiz from Thursday. Others did not get a perfect score. Please do again if you did do it or if you got less than a perfect score. Algebra Test

Should have both Vocabulary and Graphing Worksheets from last week completed and ready to turn in at start of class tomorrow and be ready to take the vocabulary quiz.

Tue.  Sep. 4

Collect Vocabulary, Graphing, and Extra credit.

Review Vocabulary

Last 10 minutes of class: Vocabulary quiz here

Wed Sept 5


check out protractor practice here 

  • Watch intro
  • Show the angle, then in notebook use example to draw angles that are 30, 45, 90, and 120 degrees (see warm-up for exact details)
  • “Up to 180 in 5’s” game
  • “Estimating up to 180” game

You should be able to estimate angles of measures 10, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 135, 150, and 180.

A NOTE ABOUT PROTRACTOR.  The protractor is fairly easy to use with two potential problems.  The first is that you do not line it up on the bottom but on the line (putting the vertex of the angle inside the tiny circle in the middle).  The second is there are two sets of numbers.  The outside numbers are to be used if you are measuring from the right and the inside numbers if you are measuring from the left.  Just notice where zero is when you line things up and follow that track around to the other side of the angle.

CW/HW: From pages 42 – 44. Handout containing 1-36. Okay to write answers directly on handout. Note that exercises 16-20 have been changed on handout. You should ESTIMATE the measure – no protractor required for these.

Missed class? Confused? Read pages 38 – 41.

Thur Sep 6

Worksheet (most likely finished in class) over measuring with protracter and drawing angles to a specific measure.

HW: STUDY. See Quiz outline for Monday. Suggestions is to go back and try protractor game from Thursday and review last few homeworks.

Friday Sept. 7

QUIZ! Marking items, using angle and segment symbols, calculating midpoints, naming lines and rays, and determining angles using the protractor. (20 minutes)

Need to make-up last quiz? Do it today if possible! Time is running out!

HW: Read p. 47 – 48. book [Type in MrTGeometry] , Write a paragraph (4-7 sentences) summarizing the material. Try to communicate what is new, important, or interesting on these pages.

If you have completed the above IN CLASS, and still have time you may do this for extra credit (IN CLASS ONLY, must have summary paragraph written first!).

Monday Sept. 10

Definitions in Groups for terms on pages 49 and 50.

HW: Definitions for terms above PLUS p. 51 1-26. Just pictures and answers okay. [THIS IS UNUSUAL – normally you need to copy down the questions]. DO NOT NEED PROTRACTOR – estimate angles in problems that ask you to draw them. BOOK AT book [Type in MrTGeometry]


|| means parallel, Upside down T, , means perpendicular (at right angle) – see page 48
An angle bisector is a ray that cuts an angle into two equal parts.  See page 40.


Tue. Sept. 11

Warm-up on counter-examples here

Go over Quiz and Homework. Write Definitions for Polygons. Discuss consecutive and diagonal vocabulary.

HW/CW: Read pages 54-55 and Define words by reading/looking at examples

Equilateral Polygon
Equiangular Polygon
Regular Polygon

p. 56 1-18 WRITE ALL QUESTIONS and provide answers. DO NOT NEED PROTRACTOR – estimate angles in problems that ask you to draw them.BOOK AT book [Type in MrTGeometry]

Wed. Sept. 12

Warm-up. Define the six triangles starting on pages 60-61. BOOK AT book [Type in MrTGeometry]

Questions about HW and Quiz

Practice for next quiz. Looks like this.

HW: Make sure last night’s homework is complete: Questions and Answers written down.

Thur. Sept. 13

Longer here?? Last year a rally day

Warm-up. Define the six quadrilaterals on pages 64-65 .BOOK AT book [Type in MrTGeometry]

In class grade for practicing for quiz? Looks like this.

Ready for test on Wednesday? Try this first.

Fri Sept. 14

QUIZ here– Do all questions, check, fix your mistakes, check a second and final time, then show the score to the instructor.

Worksheet on matching congruent parts of triangles and polygons.

Mon Sept. 17

Practice Test in class. Make sure you ask questions to teacher or classmates about ones you miss. Check as you go!

Tue. Sept. 18

Test. Come ready for the big game. Chapter 1, All Vocabulary, Graphing, Protractors…

HW: Define the 13 words in blue starting on page 69-71. Do this from context and looking at the examples. You should not need to look any words up in the dictionary. BOOK AT book [Type in MrTGeometry]

13 Words are: Circle, Radius, Chord, Diameter, Tangent, Point of Tangency, Arc, Endpoints, Semi-Circle, Minor Arc, Major Arc, Arc Measure, Central Angle.

Wed. Sept. 19

Notes on parts of circle. Practice Quiz in class.

After done, you may try to use Sketchpad to draw the warm-up for extra credit (in class only).

Go to Start|My Documents and use the drop down box to change from your folder to the courses (u:) drive. Then find the Sketchpad folder. Double click on sketchpad. A “good” version of the warm-up will have all the proper labels AND everything should resize when you make the circle bigger AND the diameter should be able to rotated around (HINT. Make a line from edge to center. Make a segment on top of line from edge to edge. Hide line – segment should remain and be a diameter)

Since we had some technical issues with the above, if you would rather draw a BEAUTIFUL picture of the circle warm-up and ALL the vocabulary labeled, I will take that as Extra Credit as well.

Thur Sept. 20

Some fun things from class yesterday. Warm-up. Animated Warm-up.

Circle Quiz in class. HW: Worksheet related to 1-19 on page 78 – 79.

Friday Sept. 21

Short Class- Rally

Practice Figuring Out Patterns.
HW: p. 98-100 1-15 all (just answers okay), 31 – 42 all (write these last 12 out).

Some other pattern sites to try for fun: here and here

BOOK AT book [Type in MrTGeometry]

Mon, Sept. 24

Discuss drawing pictures to help solve a problem. Attempt in groups.
HW: p. 84 – 86 2-5 (should have a picture and answer for each of these), 15-33 (Follow directions, some questions require sketch and an answer.) For 25-33 WRITE THE WHOLE QUESTION..
(know I’m going backwards here.  Moved some things around)

Tues Sept. 25

Homework: p. 105-107 1-18. Be Sure to copy charts for 4-7.

BOOK AT book [Type in MrTGeometry]

EXAMPLE: We already discovered that for certain types of patterns, where the number advances by the same amount every time, that the function rule for this is jx + c where the coefficient j (I called this the rate in class) is the size of the step and the constant c is the amount needed to adjust the value to work for the first term. For instance:

Term n 1 2 3 4 5 6 n 200
Function f(n) 8 11 14 17 20 23

The function is moving up by a rate of 3 each time so the function rule is 3n + something.

For term 1, f(1)=8, which means 3(1) + c = 8, which means c is 5.

Completing the table below looks like this:

Term n 1 2 3 4 5 6 n 200
Function f(n) 8 11 14 17 20 23 3n+5 605

Wed Sep 26

Warm-up: Try this link. Write down at least two questions and the correct answers for the warm-up. (preferably #3 and #4).

Challenge Problem : Handshake problem: If you are in the room with one other person and you shake hands. You shake hands once and the total number of handshakes is one. If there are two other persons in the room, you shake hands twice, but the total number of handshakes is three (because the other two people also shake hands).

Finish Filling out this chart

# People
MY # handshakes
# People
Total # handshakes in group

You may want to look at this for help. The shapes shown here are a geometric model for the problem above.

Answers are here.

More practice here.

Extra Credit Homework, due Monday: To be done on a seperate sheet of paper to be turned in. Re-read p. 108-111. p. 112 1-10 and #20. You may skip 1 of the 11 problems. Be sure to check the hints in the back of the book for 4,5,6, and 9.

Thur. Sep 27

Open House Tonight!

FIRST: Quiz – you may use notes/homework. You have ten minutes.

THEN do this (counts as warm-up and assignment) here (Copy Enlarged Text) – Classwork continues from link. Copy down each of the 4 proofs (0,1,1a,1b)

No Homework – If not done with the proofs from class you need to do these and copy them down.

Friday Sept 28

Minimum Day

Inductive vs. Deductive. More on proofs.

HW: p. 117 1-11, 14-35 (Just answers okay – READ DIRECTIONS)
NOTES: #5, don’t need to measure, just come up with a conjecture as to the pattern. You should have #7 from class already. For #9, look at other class example. For #11, look at #7 – same idea with angles.

Mon Oct 1

More inductive vs. Deductive. Quiz like last night’s homework tomorrow.

Tue Oct. 2


Linear pair conjecture.
Vertical Angle Conjecture.  (With Patty Paper if time)

HW Preview.
HW: p. 124 1-22, Answers only okay EXCEPT for 1-5. For 1-5, draw the pictures and
mark the angle value beside the letter.

Wed Oct. 3
On the following link be sure to do the following. Then this one too.
– create a picture of what is being described
– Write what is being asked
– Write the answer – See example of how to do work here. TODAY’S example here.

Thurs Oct. 4


Draw a hexagon named TAYLOR.  Mark side TA congruent to side LO.  Mark Angle Y congruent to Angle L.
Angle 1 and angle 2 are complementary.  measure of angle 1=23.
measure of angle 2 = ____
Angle 3 and angel 4 are adjacent angles.  measure of angle 4 is 6 less than 2 times the measure of angle 3. The two angles sum to 24. What is measure of angle 4?
Angel 5 and angle 6 are a linear pair. Angle 5 measures 7x + 131 and Angel 6 measures 3x + 9. Find x and the measure of angle 6
- notebooks will be due in two weeks!!

- Will need a compass next week - get one or buy one from me for $2.

Finish work from yesterday. Make sure you show your work for all 20 problems (2 sheets) as described.

HW: Copy down the notes from this link and memorize the relationships.  Similar notes
at top of p. 128 in our book.  Memorize the angle pair names for when a transversal
cuts two lines. (Example:   Corresponding, Alternate Interior, Etc.)

Try this link  for extra credit (Must have class work complete first.  Okay to do at home and print out).

If you have more time, you may want to try this link.  Similar to part of Test on Tuesday.

MORE Extra Credit. On a separate sheet of paper, pick one exercise from EACH 5 of the 6 lessons in Chapter 2 to write out and provide the answer. State for each what lesson and exercise number. DUE MONDAY!!
When you are done you will have five problems from five different lessons where one might look like this:
1) From 2.2, #3

n 1 2 3 4 5 6 n 20
f(n) -4 4 12 20 28 36 8n-12 148

Friday Oct. 5

Practice with Parallel Line angles and their properties. Patty Paper exercise.

Classwork: link – like part of Test on Wed. For today, Copy the picture for the first set of five, making the given angle look correct. Fill in the measures for all the other angles. Write down each “other angle” and write the relationship. For the second set of five, re-draw the picture and repeat this process.

HW: Filling in the angles worksheet [10 pointer, make sure you do this yourself!]

Monday Oct. 8

Checking notes from book (last Thursday) and worksheet.

1) Warm-up. Do this link. Copy down picture and relationships like you did in class yesterday. THIS IS HALF THE TEST ON THURSDAY – Make sure you can do it in ONE check. At least HALF the class has this down. If you don’t understand, ask someone else!!!

2) More practice for Test. Do this. When done, show me the score

3) READ Tomorrow and Wednesday syllabus instructions. Do #1 and #2 a second time if needed – in class or at home.

Tues. Oct. 9

Everyone should study for the test by practicing on yesterday’s links. Some of you have not finished YESTERDAY’s link. Some of you still have not finished Thursday’s links (#1 #2) and Friday’s link. Also many of you should re-take (after school) the quizzes from:

Stuff New people should check out and old people may want to study.  Some of you may want to practice these and come RE-TAKE after school

Algebra Review Assignment! We need to know what skills from Algebra you still need to work on.

– Sept 4 Vocabulary quiz here*

– Sept 14 Definitions QUIZ here

– Sept 20 Circle Quiz*

-Sept 27 Function Quiz*

For each of these, you only get to check once. For the purposes of practice, you may want to go to the day before this date on the syllabus and try the practice quiz – these allow you to check multiple times.

The vocabulary above will not go away. You need to learn it. Next Week after school is the last time to re-take these quizzes. There will be no last minute panic about your grade.

Wed Oct 10

Test: Do this first and this second and Show each one when finished.


  • Practice old quizzes that you want to re-take. [Including today’s test!] (see yesterday’s links).
  • Find something to do that is silent and not distracting to others.
  • Look at videos for Monday (what we will be doing for next two weeks)

Thursday Oct 11

Practice with compass.  Drawing circles.  Making Patterns. Worksheet.  Today I’ll provide you with compass – Monday you’ll need your own.  Bring a compass or $2.

Friday Oct 12

– No School, Bring Compass or $2 to buy one on Monday.

This week

Monday Oct. 15th

Construction Worksheet I – Finish at home if not completed in class.
Make sure you do these with a compass and straight-edge. Do NOT erase the construction marks.


Tuesday Oct. 16

Accept/Reject Construction HW. May need to do part of it again based on what it and your warm-up looks like. You will allowed to do this again without late penalty but it must be done correctly.

HW: p. 152 7,8,9, 11, 15-21, 1-3 bottom of page 153 (visual thinking)
BOOK AT here

Check out a perpendicular bisector manipulative here.

See some other manipulatives here (medians, midsegments) that might help you think about 7, 8, and 9 on Homework.

Wednesday October 17

PSAT 2012

Thursday October 18

Parallel lines and perpendiculars. See more picture examples here. Finish Worksheet.

NOTEBOOKS DUE TOMORROW. You need to go through and number your warm-ups.  Each one should already have a date on it.  Your first one for this quarter is likely dated 8/25.  Simply Write a 1 by YOUR FIRST ONE, a 2 by YOUR SECOND ONE, and so on.  If you have 22 warm-ups it should be number 1,2,3…22.  If you have 30 warm-ups, it should be numbered 1,2,3…30. Beside the very last one (THURSDAY) Write TOTAL: and the number of warm-ups. 34 or more warm-ups is 100%.  They are worth 3 points each.  Every one over 34 is worth 1 point of extra credit.  Have your notebook numbered and ready to go at the start of class tomorrow.  If it is not ready at the start of class it is late (10 points off for late and 5 points off for following directions).  If it is not ready by the start of class Monday, 50% off. ALSO – MAKE SURE YOUR NAME IS ON the first page and the last page!!

Friday. Oct. 19

Notebooks due.

Practice Quiz

More compass practice. Quiz on Tuesday. Try to do on your own before looking at online examples of classwork.

Worksheet – Be sure to finish by doing p. 160 1-5 (blanks at bottom on back of worksheet! Great test question.)

Extra Credit HW (ONLY IF YOU HAVE FINISHED CONSTRUCTION WORKSHEETS – otherwise get these done as they are worth more than the extra credit): On a seperate sheet of paper, do one of each of the constructions listed under October 15. OR Construct the four figures at the top of page 185. (Incenter, circumcenter, orthocenter, and centroid).

Monday, Oct. 22

Group Quiz.

See examples of quiz

Make sure last two homeworks are done correctly as well as the construction worksheets and be prepared to turn them in after the quiz tomorrow.

See extra credit from Thursday. Great way to study for quiz!

Tuesday Oct. 23

Constructions Quiz – Worksheets and any notes that have been removed from your notebook are allowed but no help from computer!

When done. Work on Slope homework.

HW: Slope worksheet. Be sure to follow directions. Be sure to calculate slope both by counting rise and run and by calculating rise and run.

Wed. Oct. 24

Last day that I will accept construction worksheets!

Practice Test (Quarter Exam – a little bit from each chapter).

Extra Credit. Come up with 10 Multiple Choice Questions. We’ve covered approximately 200 pages so far. Question 1 should come from pages 1-20, Question 2 from 21-40, Question 3 from pages 61-80 (pattern is 20q-19 to 20q),… Question 10 from 181 to 200. For each question, provide an answer key as well as what page you got your idea from! DUE TOMORROW.

Thur. Oct 25

Quarter Exam (counts as a test) – bring something you can do silently for when you are through.

Friday October 26

Write your own mini-test.  6 questions.  Multiple choice (4 choices per question). Questions can be related to any work we have done.  Be sure to provide a key of correct answers at the end.  Make them all fit on a single sheet of paper (back and front).  At least one question per side should have some type of picture as a part of it.  You may work in pairs if you like.

Suggestions:  Open book on line for ideas.  Look at your warm-ups.

Due at the end of class.  MUST BE TURNED IN TO GET CREDIT.