Hello Ballard!!

So ignore all the posts below.  You can read them, but they really have nothing to do with Ballard High School (my new home, Woohoo!!).  Also a lot of the links above don’t work – ignore these too.  They are two years old and WordPress has had a bunch of upgrades I haven’t need to fix until now.

I may occasionally post something here only because I know it’s easy to find (Mr. T Geometry still #1 in Google Search, another Woohoo!) and it doesn’t require passwords and such.

But in most cases, you are probably looking for Power School or Schoology.  For these, you’ll need your school e-mail and passwords.

The Schoology site is a little weird in that the first page asks for name and password but you only put in your name.  A second page will appear that will ask for your password.

If you can’t get into Schoology yet, here’s the pdf for the Algebra and Geometry syllabi.

And for my Algebra Class, here’s the link from the treasure hunt:

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