First Week on Coursera + Signature Track

Finished week 1 of videos.  Most were about 10 minutes long with one embedded quiz. So about 2 hours worth of videos.  Would have like one more quiz thrown in per video (at roughly thirds) and then probably a review.

Took first quiz.  Five questions.  Combination of MC and MMC.  The Multiple Multiple Choice are partially graded so yet get/lose points for both right and wrong selections.

Fairly easy.  The one quarter point I missed on a MMC was one I was kind of leary about.  Opportunity to retake up to 4 more times prior to deadline.

As part of today’s work, I read some more about Coursera’s signature track.  This allows you to validate your person, validate that it’s you each time you take a quiz (through biometric keyboard typing-print), and get a more official certificate for completion.  This costs about $40 for this class – normally $70.  As only about a third of the 100 classes (guessing at numbers here) that coursera offers here provides this option, it might be worth signing up – I think I’ll wait another week and see how I feel about this particular class.


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