A New Direction

This site has been my go-to site for seven(?) years now.  I created teach4ever.net a few years after I started at Hercules.  I used it originally as a place for developing applications for my Geometry students and a place for my Web Design students to upload their work.  Eventually it became the clearing house for all the materials in the class including syllabi and my own private gradebook program (eventually I switched to PowerSchool once the district got it’s act together).  Most recently, per some advice from a “real” web designer, I switched to a WordPress format.  I’m still learning (and doing a lot of testing over at hmhswebdesign.com) but I have a fairly good handle on the basics.

I left my beloved Hercules in January to join my wife in Seattle and have been using the opportunity to re-define my career.  I love teaching but think it’s important to re-invent ourselves every now and then and I feared my tech skills were becoming a little rusty.  As I began looking into the possibility of doing testing, game design, educational software, and e-learning I realized that I have been on the cusp of a revolution.  The MOOCs I have participated in were the opening salvos in a battle to re-define education. I have the unique opportunity not only to try a lot of these first hand but to also get content I am very interested in from them.

My goal is to do the following:  Define a “Graduate Degree” related to e-learning, software development, gaming, educational software, and anything else I feel I can bundle into a manageable program.  My first step is to survey the landscape of who is offering similar degrees (online or not) and come up with a list of possible courses the follow some obvious path.  The next step is to define a handful of providers that are presenting the defined classes in an on-line setting (free is not mandatory but preferable.  A couple of paid ones are probably good as it will create a better mix).  The final outcome will be 6-12 courses taken in various settings over the next year that will help me gain the “technical knowledge” while analyzing the experiential knowledge of how these classes are currently being provided.  A project or thesis is likely to be the ultimate goal.  This website will allow me to document the process and create a portfolio of proof when I start telling people I have a Masters of e-Learning from DMU  (Designed My University)

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