Grades part II

Progress report grades are done.  A few of you have e-mailed me about missing things and generally these things have been found (or made up) and entered.

One or two of you may have done the Khan Academy work but failed to add me as a coach – which means I don’t know if you’ve done anything.  IF YOU NEED TO E-MAIL ME, use  This is also my coach name on Khan.

I HOPE YOU HAVE A NEW TEACHER ON MONDAY, if not continue working through Khan.  You will continue to receive credit AND you will be learning what you need to learn.  Those people who have e-mailed me I have authorized to “Jump ahead” if any particular section seems like “busy work” and is not challenging enough.

I’m VERY IMPRESSED with how many of you have dealt with this unusual situation.  Many of you have OVER 100% because of the extra credit I built into the work.  Keep this incident in mind for a college essay: “How my teacher left for 4 weeks and how I ended up doing better without him.” (This assumes you are one of the ones who kept on going)

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